A satisfactory optimizer.

Clean and Refreshing

Eliminate hordes of junk files that riddle your device by quickly emptying cache and residual files to release valuable storage space and to prevent slowdowns.

Organized and Orderly

Uninstall unwanted Apps & APKs to free up the storage space;Easy to move Apps to SD card and move Apps to phone internal storage.

Fast and Responsive

Kill your undesirable background running tasks and release RAM to speed up your Android device and extend battery life.

Secure and Safe

Erase your personal information like SMS/MMS, browsing history, call logs, App logs, App packages on your android phone to protect your online security and privacy.

We would like to publicly thank everyone who has helped improve CleanWiz. Below is a list of members who have made significant contributions to CleanWiz:Ahmed Emam, Franco Talamonti, Jaehyung Lee, Lajos Nagyvati, Lustucru, Pablo Pereyra, Piotr Strzepek, Serfock, Xu MeiJuan, Vadiz Talipov, Zityi, Siniša Sinković, Maxiaoguang, MaxiaoMing, Lady Hu, Adalberto Maria, Panagiotis Papazoglou, Duyen Hai Vu, Huỳnh Bảo Ân, Wang Shanshan, Yang Yun, Tanghui, Burnice.
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